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Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Charles City, IA and Floyd, IA

Floyd County, IA is a fun place. Between the golf courses and camping in Charles City and neighboring Floyd, Rudd, Rockford, Marble Rock, and Nashua, residents have a lot of options when it comes to recreation. At Shankland Insurance, we want to make sure you and your equipment is protected so you can go on having fun and enjoying everything Floyd County and surrounding areas have to offer.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Quotes in Charles City, IA

Shankland Insurance can provide you with a quote for a recreational vehicle insurance policy that meets all of your needs. Or, if your policy is eligible, we can provide a quote on how adding a recreational vehicle to an existing policy will affect your premium—if that’s the best and most cost effective way to provide coverage.


We work with Integrity Insurance, Progressive, Nationwide, Grinnell, and other carriers as needed to make sure we have the best options available when it comes to quoting recreational vehicle insurance. By choosing our carriers carefully, we can pass on the greatest savings and the best coverages to our clients.


Whether you need to insure your motorhome, golf cart, ATV, or other recreational vehicle, Shankland Insurance can help.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance: Standalone or as an Endorsement to an Existing Policy

The agency will be happy to advise and guide you through the process of buying recreational vehicle insurance. We will take time to explain the different aspects of recreational vehicle coverage, including collision, other-than-collision, and liability insurance. We will also let you know if you need to get a separate recreational vehicle policy, or if you can cover your recreational vehicle with a homeowners or car insurance policy you already have. And, our knowledge allows us to explain and help provide coverage for accessories and additional recreational vehicle equipment when applicable.

Why Insure Your Recreational Vehicle with Shankland Insurance?

Local, friendly agents are what makes each policy at Shankland Insurance worth more than premium and peace of mind. Yes, we work in Charles City, but more importantly, we live in Floyd and surrounding counties (and have fun doing so). That means we face the same risks and exposures as you, and between that experience and our experience as licensed insurance agents, we can’t help but provide uniquely customized coverage for all insurance needs, not just recreational vehicles.

To get started, request a quote today. Or, contact us with any questions about recreational vehicle insurance policies.

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